Celebrating history with ink on paper


As designers, there are few challenges more invigorating than having the opportunity to design a bespoke publication from cover to cover.

In this age of emails, websites, e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts, the focus has largely shifted to digital experiences. And as exciting as this progression is, we should not forget that print offers its own unique experience.

When it comes to physically consuming content, the act of turning silky-smooth pages, adorned with carefully crafted stories and enhanced by visual and tactile embellishments, remains unique. Print turns communication into a beautifully designed experience—something to be admired and enjoyed, elevating reading into brand immersion. This month, we want to showcase three bespoke publications designed by HIVE, each celebrating a rich history and tradition, while also painting a picture of optimism and excitement for the future.

40 Years captured in 100 pages

In 2023, UniSuper celebrated its 40th year, and HIVE was engaged to capture this momentous milestone. We chronicled the journey of one of Australia's leading super funds, interviewing stakeholders, writing, and designing a 100-page coffee table book that celebrates achievements and recognises the collective contributions of many.

The book's design expanded upon UniSuper's brand and its distinctive core assets. Upon seeing (and feeling) the final result, UniSuper's CEO, Peter Chun, said the book "establishes a new baseline for print communications."


UNSP-40-years-internal-mockup-1-LRG  UNSP-40-years-internal-mockup-1LRG2. UNSP-40-years-internal-mockup-1MED2

Telling the story of a leading superannuation fund across the eras. Check out the project here.


The stories that defined our city

HIVE was also appointed by the City of Melbourne to create a coffee table book celebrating the rich history and cultural diversity of Melbourne's cultural precincts. Featuring a bespoke slipcase, metallic underprints, and foil embellishments, this beautiful publication includes a range of photography commissioned specifically for this piece, shot by Andrew Richey Photography.



A coffee table book and sleeve that beautifully captures what makes our city so special.


A little look into the history of an education institution

On a smaller scale—but no less finely crafted—is a travel-sized pocketbook featuring a double-leaf cover with a detailed, laser-cut illustration that captures the stories of the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne-Stories-Cover1  Open-1-Square  Open-2-Square

Attention to detail and laser focus on designing a print experience. 

If your organisation is looking for an impactful introduction or a commemorative celebration, consider the unparalleled experience that ink on paper can deliver.



Caino (no-one at Hive calls him Michael) leads our creative team with over 17 years of communications and design experience accumulated across many different industries. From toy design to advertising and everything in between, Caino has thrived in solving varied visual and communicative problems for many leading brands and their customers.


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