The art of heartfelt ideas.


Thoughtfulness and empathy in creative communications can forge deeper connections, foster brand loyalty, and drive results by striking a balance between the rational and the emotive mind.Our minds navigate two systems of thought: the rational and the emotive. While rationality is responsible for logic and reason, emotions govern our feelings. Achieving the art of heartfelt messaging involves striking a balance between these two systems, resulting in creative that engages audiences on a deeper level.

By examining some of our own creative communications, we explore strategies for creating authentic connections with audiences and highlight the impact empathy and thoughtfulness can have.

When brands tap into our emotions, they stimulate the limbic system; the part of the brain responsible for processing emotions and forming memories. This connection makes emotionally charged messages more likely to be remembered, as audiences are no longer just acknowledging the message, they are feeling it. Backed by neuroscience, more and more creatives are crafting communication that genuinely connects with their target audience.

But connecting emotionally is easier said than done. Tailoring messages that resonate begins with knowing who you're speaking to. Conduct comprehensive research to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Share genuine stories that evoke emotions, build trust, and convey your brand's values. Be authentic. Seek out truth. Authenticity fosters connection and genuine engagement goes a long way in building trust. Cultivate open dialogue by responding to comments, valuing feedback, and nurturing relationships with your audience. And as your audience grows and changes, so should your empathetic communication approach. Regularly reassess your strategy to stay aligned with your audience's needs and preferences.

This approach can be seen in our recent Village Cinemas Gifting Campaign. We developed a creative strategy and campaign that positioned Village Cinemas gift cards as the thoughtful solution for any event, or ‘more thoughtful than you thought’. Pairing this message with authentic moments that make a movie meet-up special, audiences are reminded of that unmatchable feeling of cinema. A feeling that is memorable and familiar. A feeling that is heartfelt. The result was a strong campaign spread across four phases—Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Always On (for any occasion)—connected by a singular, thoughtful message that resonates with movie lovers all year round.

This campaign we created for Village Cinemas showcases just how thoughtful a Village Cinemas Movie Gift truly is.

A subtler use of thoughtful creative can be found in this spot for UniSuper. We see a grandfather and granddaughter carefully planting a sapling and nurturing its growth. This metaphor for care appeals to the emotive mind and links to the promise of building a financial future that 'won't cost the earth,' a promise fulfilled by UniSuper's strong sustainable investment portfolio. The moment is authentic, the message is thoughtful. With a subtle emotive foundation, the rational can exist with authenticity and impact. In this case, leaning into a history as the fund for Australia's great thinkers and demonstrating their drive and future-mindedness so members can "look forward and think great".

This campaign we created for UniSuper frames the fund's sustainability credentials with an emotive connection between generations.

It is these subtle balances, between rational and emotional, or care and consideration that forge deeper connections, foster brand loyalty and drive results. And in landscape full to the brim with brands vying for our attention, finding this balance is becoming more and more important. It is our thoughtfulness and empathy that will create genuine, human-centric communication that truly captivates and connects.



Wayne’s experience spans three decades and multiple disciplines across brand, advertising and communication design. A traditionally trained graphic designer with a passion for problem solving and business, Wayne founded Hive in 1995 and now spearheads our strategic efforts with an emphasis on empathy and clarity of purpose. Away from the office Wayne enjoys family life (and the odd round of golf) on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.


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