UniSuper opens its doors with distinctiveness

An integrated campaign by the team at Hive has helped UniSuper open its doors to more Australians.


Until recently UniSuper was only offered to people involved in higher education and research. Now that the high performing fund has opened to all Australians, they face the challenge of building brand awareness across the community.

This was the focus of the funds first fully integrated campaign that tells an unashamedly simple story. “UniSuper’s great performance, great value and great vision is now open to all Australians.”

The creative is designed to help UniSuper come to mind more easily, or in marketing science terms, to build mental availability.

We helped UniSuper make a strong entrance into a crowded and noisy market by focusing on what makes UniSuper visually distinctive. To achieve this distinction, we placed UniSuper brand assets and brand colours front and centre in several ways.


Let’s start with colour. The spot opens in a blue world as a woman walks towards a blue door. The talent has blue hair, and the lighting is, you guessed it, blue. We’re taking the first step towards positioning UniSuper as the blue super fund in the minds of Australians.

Building on the unique colour, we’ve overlayed UniSuper's distinctive brand curves and graphic elements to create visual cues for the audience to connect with.

As for the UniSuper logo, it features prominently on both the opening shot and end frames. Of the fifteen seconds in-between, ten seconds have distinctive UniSuper graphic elements on screen. It is sometimes subtle, but it means every second of airtime is helping to build memory structures of the brand.

This combined with the distinctive tone of being the smarter super fund introduces the brand as exciting, savvy and informed, while setting the foundations for that feeling of ‘I’ve seen this brand before’, in the journey ahead.


The integrated campaign features a 30 second spot and four 15 second spots, takeovers of news websites, significant digital display, radio, search and out of home.

Speaking to the new campaign, Mark O’Brien - Manager, Marketing Strategy and Activation at UniSuper said: “The new ad continues to build on our initial launch creative in July – bringing to life the distinctiveness which will help us stand out in a cluttered category.”

While David Buttigieg - Manager, Creative said: The campaign signifies a milestone in the funds history as we open our doors for the first time to all Australians and expose our brand to a wider audience. The campaign delivers on the promise that UniSuper is one of the strongest super funds in Australia in the most creative and engaging of ways.”



We’d love to take a second to thank the whole team for a fun and successful campaign.

Client team at UniSuper 

Mark O’Brien - Manager, Marketing Strategy and Activation

David Buttigieg - Manager, Creative

Amy Allan - Marketing Activation Lead

Natalie Sneddon - Head of Marketing

Agency team at Hive 

Michael Cain - Creative Director

Wayne Murphy - Managing/Strategic Director

Emma Landolina - Senior Account Manager

Shannon Boland - Designer and Animator

Alex Rodriguez - Retoucher and Finished Artist

Caitlin Iacobucci - Junior Designer

Production team at Passel Media

Steve Packer - Director

Adam Camporeale - Producer

Nick DeBoar - 3D Artist

Joe Maurici (Fanatic Films) - Compositor

Scott Illingsworth (Seeing Sounds) - Sound Mixer

Ben Stewart (Folklore Sound) - Voiceover

Anna McGahan - Voice artist